Best VR Headset Buy and Comparison in 2019

With dozens of VR headsets coming out each year, how can you know which ones will provide the ultimate experience and which ones you should avoid? Among the countless features, how can you possibly know which ones are relevant?

In this article, we break down the top five VR headsets on the market in 2019. We will compare and review each VR headset in perspectives of overall performance, sales price, and key features. Ultimately, no matter what budget you have, we will always have an ideal option for you. If you are interested in finding out which VR headset will be the best for you, stay tuned.

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Selling VR Headset on Amazon in 2019

ImagesVR HeadsetKey FeaturesPrice
HTC Vive Virtual Reality SystemTwo-month free trial of Viveport Subscription; Dual AMOLED 3.6’’ diagonal screen; Precision Tracking$$$
HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset OnlyViveport subscription included, enhanced graphics, SteamVR Tracking, optimized ergonomics$$$
Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB180” screen watch; personal and with friends viewing; All-in-one VR Headset$$$
Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headsetimproved optics, ergonomic design, built-in sensors in the headset, Oculus touch controllers$$$
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GBAll in One VR; position tracking in space; touch controllers; easy set up; next level gameplay$$$
Samsung Gear VR w/Controller (2017) SM-R325NZVAXAR (US Version w/Warranty)intuitive controller, easy connection with other mobile devices, compatible with Galaxy devices$$$
Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, Standalone VR HeadsetWorldsense body tracking system, ultra crisp QHD display, Mirage solo with Google Daydream$$$
PlayStation VR3D audio technology, advanced VR display, positional tracking, standing and seated VR, Platform - PS4$$$
Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset Windows Mixed Reality, 2 wireless controllers, detect sound from every direction, dive into lifelike detail$$$
Dell - Visor Virtual Reality Headset and Controllersconnect with PC by cable, 360-degree view, LCD display, move position tracking, wireless control$$$

Top 5 Best VR Headset Reviewed in 2019

HTC Vive

The number five on our list is HTC Vive, one of the best consumer VR headsets on the market. HTC Vive really has a lot to offer. The first of all, with the purchase of this system, you get free content with a two-month free trial of Viveport subscription.

This headset really makes the gaming experience completely immersive with realistic graphics true to life movement. HD haptic feedback and directional audio Vive seriously stepped up when it comes to motion tracking, as it is incredibly precise the 360-degree controller.

The headset works in sync to cover your every movement to the millimeter, unlike with most other headsets. With HTC Vive, you won’t be limited to your seat.

The HTC Vive VR has two base stations that enable you to play while seated, standing or in any space that is up to 15 feet long and 15 feet wide.

The HTC Vive VR is powered by Steam which means you can enjoy more than 2800 games from Steam. That is good news for all gamers.

What you might not like is the cable is rather bulky. A potential tripping hazard is this headset can be rather hard on the neck and the back. The price is on the high end of the spectrum.

Oculus Go

The number four is Oculus Go made to be independent of a phone or a computer. This VR headset did almost everything right. The optics offer crystal clarity 3D graphics that are state of the art. The 3D sound will help you to immerse yourself completely regardless of whether you are playing a game or watching a TV show. This Oculus headset enables you to meet up with friends from all over the world in virtual reality. So, you can watch concerts or live sports events together. When it comes to content, Oculus offers more than 1000 different games, social applications, and other VR experiences that you can download to your local mobile devices.

This VR headset isn’t just portable and simple. Learning how to use it will be effortless since the spatial audio drivers are built-in, there is no need for tangled headphones. The sound will be dramatic enough without them. But for those who prefer using headphones, this headset also has a three and a half millimeter audio jack.

This headset also has some serious advantages. It works without a phone or a computer. It has a large VR app library. The setup is super simple. The image quality is great. It comes with a motion controller. 3D sound modeling is simply outstanding and its super lightweight.

It does come with some small disadvantages as well. Its motion tracking is limited. It doesn’t support six degrees of freedom. The battery life is just two hours. The storage isn’t expandable and there is no killer app.

Samsung Gear VR

The number three is Samsung Gear VR, our choice for the best budget VR headset. If you are trying out VR for the first time, getting the best budget VR headset is a great idea. You won’t overspend, so if you don’t like the experience, you will not have wasted a lot of money.

If you do like this VR headset, you can explore many games and get a different experience. If you just want an inexpensive gift for a kid, the Samsung Gear VR is a great idea.

This VR headset comes with an intuitive controller that can drag and drop select point.

This Samsung gear offers hundreds of experiences and games from the Oculus as well as a bunch of games from the Google Play Store. You can play games, watch shows and virtually chat and meet up with friends.

This headset allows you to enjoy 2d 3d and 360-degree content at any place and anytime.

Although it is a budget headset, you don’t have to worry about its performance. Its quality is well above other budget models. The controller is excellent and very well made. The visuals are detailed and crisp. The voice command is interesting. The interface is intuitive. The head tracking is amazing. It is comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions.

On the other hand, even the best products have flaws. You have to have one of the supported Samsung phones in order to use this headset. The controller isn’t rechargeable. The headset has no room movement tracking. There aren’t that many games so you are very limited in that respect.

Oculus Rift

The number two is Oculus Rift. It isn’t just a headset, this is a full virtual reality system. An ultra-low-latency tracking offers an incredible experience, while the controllers bring your hands into the virtual reality perfectly.

With these, you can interact with the virtual world completely naturally without glitches or mistakes. With this product from Oculus, you get six free titles, including Robo recalls, quill, medium, toybox, Lucky’s tale and dead and buried snug. They are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The resolution can be mind-blowing if your graphics card and RAM are up to par. The sound really makes you feel like you are in the virtual world instead of our own.

This Oculus has attached headphones, so you won’t be able to hear anything from the outside world, true and complete immersion once you try this VR headset out. You will understand why some people dream of living in virtual reality, you will move and feel as if the adventure you are in.

This VR headset has some strong positive sides. The touch controllers feel natural in your hands. They are lightweight and provide smooth and accurate motion control which helps make the overall experience truly immersive when it comes to content, the Oculus Rift can do everything, playing movies, 360 videos games and much more.

It also does have some flaws that might stop you from buying. It is suggested that you use this in an area that has a surface of 7 feet by 5 feet which aren’t something that everyone has. If you want to use Oculus Rift, you need a high-quality gaming PC, if you want it to work properly.

Best VR Headset Under 1000 – HTC Vive Pro

The number one is HTC Vive Pro that is our choice for the best overall VR headset.

The Vive Pro is one of the best overall VR headsets money can buy at this moment. HTC really show that they value their customers. The everything input on this VR that was wrong with previous models, is fixed here.

If you are truly serious about VR, this is the headset you should get.

The first of all, they enhance the graphics with super rich colors and unbelievably sharp details. The resolution this headset offers is 2880 by 1660 and 615 PPI. The movement in this VR is just as natural as in real life.

The controller in the headset tracks your movements from the floor to the ceiling precise to a millimeter. With its high-resolution sound and high impedance headphones with noise cancellation, you will literally feel the sound as you use the headset. What’s especially interesting is the fact that this headset allows you to define your own play space, as long as it isn’t bigger than 20 by 20 feet.

The VR headset is really amazing. This is one of the most comfortable VR headsets to date. The image is perfectly clear crisp and realistic. The built-in headphones provide an amazing surround sound experience.

It does have flaws that might change your mind and make you go for a different model.

It only has a display port connection. The refresh rate is 90 Hertz. The foam cushions aren’t moisture proof and the price tag is rather high.

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